Services & Features

List of services, features and helpful information provided.

  • Security (Always connected via a secure connection)
  • Set-Up Phone/Pad
  • Set-up Calendar
  • EsoMail Self  Management
  • Top Customer Service
  • Services And Spam Protection
  • IMAP4
  • Virus Scanning [Realtime]
  • Mobile Webmail
  • Content Filtering
  • Cloud Services
  • Privacy (No E-mail Scanning!)


EsoMail – including :-
GroupWare – Calendaring
– Filestore (with cloud services)
– Photoshare (with cloud services)
– Blogs
Multiple Skins / Templates (Private Domains)
The complete, advanced Antispam system with all versions
SPF – Sender Permitted From
Friends – Challenge – Response System
SURBL – Spam URI Realtime Blocklists
Aspam – Content Filtering
RBL – Relay Block List

Spam and Virus protection
The best spam prevention techniques on the market today use SPF in “strict mode” (and to lesser extent mechanisms such as Friends System) to only accept mail from someone confirmed to be who they say they are, combined with trainable message content-based filtering. EsoMail offers advanced features to identify undesirable spam email, block virus infected mail and prevent abuse of your mail by spammers.

SPF + Open Relay database check

SPF allows you to check that someone sending you mail is who they say they are. EsoMail has unique features that combine SPF with grey-listing and the allow mechanism to ensure there is minimal impact on valid mail. In particular, using greylisting EsoMail will to automatically start accepting mail from real mail servers, so using the mechanism any valid end users whose message has been blocked is able to add their IP address so that subsequent messages are accepted. It is important that you have SPF settings correctly configured. If they are not correctly configured you may conclude that SPF is “ineffective” or “stops too much real mail”. EsoMails integrated and flexible open relay database checking can be used to enforce servers blacklisting or whitelisting in one or more ORBS databases.

In addition, this can be used to mark messages with a header which can then be taken into account in the ASpam “SpamDetect rating” calculation. An ORBS database is simply a DNS server that returns a positive response if a server is listed in the database. A variety of services are available online that can maintain blacklist databases. Normally you would maintain your own whitelist database that overrides the blacklist listings.

Scan messages for viruses

EsoMail has a variety of mechanisms integrated with external virus scanners.


Access multiple email accounts centrally! POP retrieval allows you to collect mail from other POP mail accounts and deliver locally. Users can configure their own settings for POP retrieval directly from webmail.


IMAP4 Server data storage. All messages remain on the server until removed (moved to “local folders” or deleted). All messages and folders are available through Webmail. Automatically synchronized via webmail. Again, storage and security – so all mail is always stored on the servers and storage devices – backup is easy! SPAM management – Messages can be automatically moved to a “Spam” folder, which is automatically cleaned. Example: In your folder list in Webmail you create a folder, that folder is actually created on ESO Server, therefore, all back-up and spam management apply.

Mobile Webmail

Account Creation on Apple Devices

Esomail also includes a “one-click” configuration for Apple iOS devices. Setting up an iPhone account is now easy whether you are using CalDAV / CardDAV / IMAP.

This feature means that mail users can now configure their iOS device with CalDAV / CardDAV / IMAP as a single service.

Synchronization via CalDAV

Accessing Server-Side Calendars from Mobile Devices (CalDAV Support)

Accessing Server-Side Contacts from Mobile Devices (CardDAV Support)

CardDAV allows mobile devices to remotely access and manage contacts stored on the Esomail server. Changes made to the contacts stored on the mobile device are automatically sent to the server, and changes made on the server are received and updated on the mobile device.

CardDAV is ideal for mobile users who wish to access and update their contacts in real time via their mobile device. Esomail Synchronization Service is responsible for providing CardDAV connectivity to Esomail mailboxes over the HTTP protocol.

Enhanced Anti-Spam

Guard your inbox against unwanted junk mail using anti-spam
features including SPF, Bayesian filtering, Greylisting, DKIMand URL Blacklist
Content Filtering, which prevents spammers ‘forging’ email addresses to send spam. Other anti-spam features include;
DNS blacklisting, global filtering, PTR record checking and much more.