Q – Will Eso provide me with DNS for my domain?
A – No, however, Esomail will assist you in getting a provider.
Q – If I already have a DNS provider is that ok?
A – Yes provide this information via our contact page.
Q – If I am a business user, can I change my domain name at any time?
A – Yes you can change to your own domain name at any time. Just request a form via our contact page.

Does EsoMail provide free E-mail Service? We will offer at times a limited free e-mail service as a  promotional package.

Actually, No E-mail is really free.

Top Emails providers don’t cost any money to use, but it’s not free. They may not charge for its accounts. But the company is still collecting payment in the form of massive amounts of personal information about the people who use it. With an estimated 500-plus million users, for some companies. They often repeatedly find themselves in hot water over privacy.

One way they make money from email is by automatically scanning and indexing messages and using the data it mines to show relevant ads to its users. These email services look for keywords that identify topics of discussion based on things such as frequency and context, then matches the e-mail up with related ads. A conversation thread about meeting up at an exercise class, for example, might trigger an ad for a weight-loss product.

Data gathered through e-mail scanning can also be used to create user profiles for future ad targeting. What many consumers don’t consider is that companies like this can create a comprehensive profile of each user based on information from different products such as search, maps, e-mail, and data, from its social network.
“Nothing in life is free, and Email Service Online engages in absolutely none of the tactics described in this article. Though we may charge a small fee; your information is always secure and private.

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