Client Settings


EsoMail allows desktop e-mail and mobile devices to access messages and folders using standard protocols like IMAP, SMTP, WebDAV, CalDAV, CardDav.



Port: 993
SSL: Yes


Port: 587
SSL: Yes



Add your E-mail account on your phone.

This example is on the iPhone Email app. However, these settings (with exceptions to navigating) apply to generally all Email apps.

  1. Goto settings/Passwords & Accounts
  2. Click “Add account”.
  3. Click “Other”.
  4. Click “Add Mail Account.

Fill in as follows. Make sure you type in all data correctly! Password etc.

  1. Name: Your name or account name.
  2. Email:
  3. Password: Your password.
  4. Description: My EsoMail

Click Next, Under Imap tab only.

Incoming Mail Server

  1. Host Name:
  2. User Name: (required)
  3. Password: Your password.

Outgoing Mail Server

  1. Host Name:
  2. User Name: (required)
  3. Password: Your password.

Click “Next” to complete.


WebDAV allows computers, and mobile devices to access files and folders (requires a DAV enabled web browsers or DAV client software).





EsoMail as a CalDav calendar client
EsoMail now supports CalDav integrated “drag and drop” calendaring from the EsoMail ajax interface. No EsoMail configuration is needed 🙂

Key features include:
  • Calendar synchronization with mobile clients
  • Calendar sharing between multiple accounts
  • Define multiple additional calendars
  • Configure alerts that will trigger on mobile devices
  • Repeat event support
(click screenshots to enlarge)

CalendarEsoMail Calendar







Additional features include:

  • Support for: Day, week, month and year views
  • Customize display color per calendar
  • Point & click / drag & drop event manipulation
  • Single keystroke switching between date range and scale (one or more modifier keys plus arrows).

Configure Calendar Sharing using EsoMail.

Calendar sharing for “Family Groups” “Organizational Groups” “Private Domains” etc.

Esomail CalendarEsoMail Calendar






EsoMail CalDAV calendaring will allow you to specify one or more calendars for each email account.

Each of these calendars may be shared with other CalDAV users on the same system.

Sharing is configured using the EsoMail interface (surgeplus calendaring page).
Calendars can be shared with the following permissions, and displayed to the person you are sharing it with as: read/write access: displayed as “Calendar Name | Owner (RW)”

  • Read access: displayed as “Calendar Name | Owner (R)”
  • Free/busy access: displayed as “Calendar Name | Owner (B)”

iOS Calendar Client Configuration

Standard account configuration under iOS should simply be a case of adding a new calDAV account and correctly filling out the server, fully specified email address as user name and the password:





  • Server:
  • Username:
  • Password: ***********

Then click on the advanced settings tab at the bottom and enter the port number 7443.

iOS will automatically detect the full CalDAV URL, and automatically detect any calendars you have already got defined under the server on your account. Any calendars others have shared with you will also be automatically detected and displayed in your list of calendars.

What you need to do:

Learn your user interface.
Set-up your personal preferences.

Set your spam filtering options.
Contact us and let us know about problems you might still face.